Preparing Your Home to Sell: De-Cluttering

Wednesday Mar 15th, 2017



This Spring has come quite late and the lingering cold seems to have slowed down the number of homes coming up for sale.  Warmer weather is just around the corner and if you are thinking of selling, it's time for spring cleaning and organization!  Even if you are not thinking of selling, spring is a wonderful time to clean up and organize.

De-cluttering is the buzz word for preparing your home for showings.  Many of us can confess to having more "stuff" than we actually use or need.  This is a perfect time to trim down on our possessions before moving, perhaps even saving on moving costs.  This can be an overwhelming job, but here are some tips on making the job easier by breaking it down into more manageable pieces. 

1.  Schedule time to De-Clutter. 


Seems obvious, but setting apart a chunk of time with no other distractions gives you time to focus and move faster. 

2.  Make a plan of action.


You may have scheduled a few hours each day or night. Or perhaps a few weekends.  Make a list of what you plan to accomplish during each segment of time.  If necessary, plan for simple meals beforehand (a crockpot meal, lasagna, or even takeout) and it will be a welcome sight once meal time rolls around. 

3.  Get your supplies ready.


Another tip is to have your packing supplies ready:  garbage bags, boxes, markers, packing tape, bubble wrap or newsprint, etc., and find out where your recycle / donation depots are. 

4.  Organize your items into categories.


One way to go about purging is to categorize your items.  If you haven't used an item for more than a year, consider putting it into categories 2-6.  Gather up some boxes or bags, label them with your categories and start filling them! 

1.  Keep - what you know you need and/or use.
2.  Sell - what the market is willing to buy (craigslist, kijiji, trendtrunk, etc.)
3.  Donate - items that are still useable
4.  Hand down - items such as toys and clothes to younger children
5.  Recycle - unwanted items
6.  Throw out - what cannot be recycled.

5.  Put everything where it belongs.


After you've sorted through your belongings, you can start putting away your "keep" piles and unloading your categories #2-#6 to their respective places. You can even "start packing" by putting away your winter goods, personal photos, and extra knick knacks.  This will make your life that much easier after you've sold your home.

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