Is there an Ideal Direction of a home: Take out your compass!

Wednesday Feb 15th, 2017


When buying a home, there are so many things to consider such as the neighbourhood location, price, square footage, condition, school zoning, number of parking spots, etc., etc.!  To add to the list, another consideration is the direction of the home.  Of course, regional climate and house design, such as placement and size of windows, also have bearing with the direction of the home.  In our northern climate, there are pros and cons of each direction to explore before signing on the dotted line.

North facing:  The back of the house will have more sun and the front will generally be darker and cooler.  If there are large windows in the back and the house is open concept, sunlight will be able to spill into the bulk of the house.

South facing:  During the winter, the snow and ice on the driveway will melt faster than on the neighbours’ driveway across the street. With fewer front windows, the home will be darker and cooler.  Alternatively, with many south facing windows, the home can be passively heated by sunlight.

East facing:  The backyard and patio will have tons of sun in the afternoon and early evening – something to consider if you are a fan of BBQ’s and outdoor entertaining.  The kitchen may become unbearably hot during the summers!  I know friends who actually moved because they couldn’t bear the heat of the setting summer sun.

West facing: Your kitchen most likely gets the rising sun in the morning.  This is great for people who love to wake up to the sun with their coffee!

Other things to consider are religion and even culture, for example, Feng Shui.

What are your thoughts about the direction of your home?

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